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Previously when I selected "debug iPhone" in monodevelop it used to deploy as well as launch the application on the iPhone when I started the debugging.

It still deploys, but no longer launches the application on the iphone and I need to do that manually otherwise Monodevelop keeps saying "Waiting for debugger to connect"

Additional info: I am using an iPhone cable to do the debugging. It stopped working after I upgraded to mountain lion / Xcode 4.4

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It should be working. OTOH the matrix of every possible cases is quite large (and both Mountain Lion and Xcode 4.4 are very recent).

The best thing is to fill a bug report and, beside OSX and Xcode versions, include:

  • the iOS version used on the device;
  • the MonoTouch version;
  • the MonoDevelop version.

For the last two (and also the precise builds of OSX and Xcode) you can get them easily from inside MonoDevelop by doing About MonoDevelop, selecting the Version Information tab and copy/paste this data in the bug report.

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