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I am using select2 on dropdownlist of The code is as follows:

<script type="text/javascript" src="js/select2.min.js"></script>
<link type="text/css" rel="Stylesheet" href="css/select2.css" />

var v = /* get the select control */

The problem is, once select2() function is called, tab ordering stops working. Therefore, when on the dropdownlist tab key is pressed, focus do not move to the control having next highest tabindex but move seemingly randomly to some other control.

Commenting the line where function is called solve this problem but I need the filtering. I have tried some of the other techniques of filtering discussed here but they are too complicated. Select2 is very simple and useful because all you have to do is include the js and css files and call the function.

Please either find a solution of tab ordering problem for me or find a solution for filtering which is as simple as select2.

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After a few hours of struggle, I have solved the problem. It turns out that the select2 ajax control do destroy the tab ordering if tab is pressed as soon as it gets focus, that is, when nothing is typed in it. It do not, however, destroy tab ordering if some text is typed.

The internal structure of select2's auto-generated html is like following:

<div class="select2-container">
  <a class="select2-choice">
    <abbr class="select2-search-choice-close" />
    <div> <b></b> </div>

  <div class="select2-drop select2-offscreen">
    <div class="select2-search">
      <input class="select2-input select2-focused" tabIndex=<somevalue> />

    <ul class="select2-results></ul>

If some text is typed in the html select control, then tab ordering is working correctly, if no text is typed then tab ordering is destroyed. I have used document.activeElement in firebug to find focused control in both cases. In case of no text the anchor element has focus, and in case of text typed the html input element has focus.

As shown above, while select2.js correctly set tabIndex property of html input element, it do not of the anchor element.

Solution: Just add the following line at position specified further below in select2.js.

this.container.find("a.select2-choice").attr("tabIndex", this.opts.element.attr("tabIndex"));

Add the line after:"select2", this).hide().after(this.container);"select2", this);

this.dropdown = this.container.find(".select2-drop");
this.dropdown.addClass(evaluate(opts.dropdownCssClass));"select2", this);

this.results = results = this.container.find(resultsSelector); = search = this.container.find("input.select2-input");

and before:

search.attr("tabIndex", this.opts.element.attr("tabIndex"));

this.resultsPage = 0;
this.context = null;

// initialize the container

this.dropdown.delegate(resultsSelector, "mousemove-filtered",  this.bind(this.highlightUnderEvent));

installDebouncedScroll(80, this.results);
this.dropdown.delegate(resultsSelector, "scroll-debounced", this.bind(this.loadMoreIfNeeded));

so it becomes:

this.results = results = this.container.find(resultsSelector); = search = this.container.find("input.select2-input");

this.container.find("a.select2-choice").attr("tabIndex",   this.opts.element.attr("tabIndex")); /* atif */

search.attr("tabIndex", this.opts.element.attr("tabIndex"));

this.resultsPage = 0;
this.context = null;

Make this change in select2.js. Obviously you need to use the full js version, not the min version.

All you have to do is add one line, stated above. This would become line no. 504 in vs2008 if done correctly.

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