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I've created a custom fxCop Rules and integrated them in visual studio 2010 by following this tutorial

Everything seemed to work just fine except that the fxCop rules are running only on the first build after I make any change in the source code (even just adding a space). Additional builds, (without making any changes in the source code) do not produce any FxCop warrning.

I'm guessing it has something to do with that fact c# MSbuild "Build" target doesn't really re-compile if the source files timestamps are the same as the last compiled assembly timestamp

How can I make the FxCop Code Analysis to run every build?

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A couple of things come to mind:

  1. Because as you say, MSBuild may decide the build target is up to date, you could try running FxCop as a post-build step.
  2. Code Analysis creates a .CodeAnalysisLog.xml and .lastcodeanalysiscucceeded file fore each analysed file. Maybe deleting these files before building would also help.
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