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I'm designing an app that has a vertically panning one-dimensional list in the centre and the user is able to flip between lists horizontally due to a flipview.

A vertically panning one-dimensional list

When a user drags horizontally within the listview, it selects that row because of cross-slide. This isn't the behaviour I want. Preferably I would want the flipview to start panning left and right. I think it's something to do with rails because when the user pans diagonally, they can pan the flipview.

Cross-slide even happens when selectionmode is set to None

How do I disable cross-slide, or how do I ensure that when a user pans left and right that the flipview pans and not the listview items?

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IsSwipeEnabled="False" on the ListView might do the trick. You might also edit the ListView.ItemContainerStyle/ListViewItem template to disable some visual state feedback transitions.

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A simple boolean property!? Hours of googling and this was the answer? I'm a mix of emotions! Thank you very much – soniiic Aug 2 '12 at 9:27
I was confused too the first time I saw that. They call it cross-slide in the docs everywhere, but call the property "swipe"? – Filip Skakun Aug 2 '12 at 14:57

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