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I am hoping to get pointed in the right direction. I want to pass a variable from one controller into another controller.

what I want to do is have a person register a business then they are taken to a form to register a user. a business is a different controller/table to a user however the user requires the id/primary key of the business as a foreign key in the user table. How would I go about changing controllers and carrying the foreign key over?

the primary key for the business table is an autogenerated/autoincremented int in the database i am unsure on how I would approach this but have a feeling it is to do with session data?

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Have you read the manual at all? –  Hoff Aug 2 '12 at 20:24

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Why dont you pass the id in the url?. I'd do it like this:

  • Display /business/add. This is the form used to create a "business".
  • After saving the business in your controller, redirect to /business/add_user/123 (where "123" is the id of your business). This page displays and saves the users. Since you have passed the business_id in the url you'd have to add it as a foreign key manually into the $this->request->data before saving the user.

Of course that inside the controller of /business/add_user/123 you should verify a few thing: check if the business_id was passed as parameter in the url, check if the business exist, maybe check that the connected user was the one that created the businnes, etc

Hope this helps

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i may not have worded this correctly but there are two controllers users and accounts(business). When a person adds an account its accounts/add once they click submit they are redirected to users/add, to add a new users. would i used $this->request->data to pass the primary key from the accounts controller to the users controller? –  user1393064 Aug 2 '12 at 10:40
The idea is the same.. you could also pass the variable in the url like /users/add/123 –  pleasedontbelong Aug 2 '12 at 11:22

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