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I have a Github account set up on my mac using SSH. Now I want to set my PHPFog account with my mac using SSH, however I am unable to give it the correct SSH Key.

If I open up the SSH folder on my mac I see 2 files named github_rsa & Opening the file named github_rsa shows a text file which contains somthing along the lines of

some-detail: 1
some-detail: 2

//goes on for a while


If I try and copy and paste the code part into PHPFog it tells me its not valid. If I try pasting it into PHPFog with ssh-rsa at the top, it stills tells me its not a valid SSH key. I even tried generating a key however the result is a text file that looks just the same as above...

Can anyone tell me how to get the right SSH key to copy and paste into PHPFog. Preferable the same one I use for my Github account if possible.

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You should create a different ssh key to give to PHP Fog. The following link has all the information you need.

You will need to submit the contents of the .pub file not the private key.

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