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Within a batch-script, I would like to list all subfolders with a given name. I can do it in general but have problems, when there is subfolder direclty in the folder where I am searching. I am doing this on Windows 7 cmd.

Code I use to list all subfolders with name bin:

dir /s /q /b /A:D bin

If I have a folder structure like this: ".\a\bin .\b\bin .\c\bin" it works fine.

if I have structure like this: ".\bin .\a\bin .\b\bin .\c\bin" it only lists the content of ".\bin".

Does anybody know any workarounds?

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dir /s /b /A:D *|findstr /ri "[\\]bin$"
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It works perfectly! Thanks! –  user1182735 Aug 2 '12 at 12:55

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