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I realize it's possible to create a PHP Web Service using SOAP, however, are there classes within PHP that make this easier than hand creating the SOAP messages?

I want to use php has a webservice using wsdl

with this link


to integrate uk mail api in to my php web application

but dont now how to do it ?? any help

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There are:

They should all interoperate fine with .NET - it's just XML after all...

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You want to try nuSOAP which you can get from here http://sourceforge.net/projects/nusoap/

Very easy as I had to create a PHP SOAP service and I didnt know PHP as I'm a C# .net person!

And just to add to that, as long as you implement the wsdl and SOAP methods correctly you should be fine. I had it working with .net with no trouble at all

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There used to be an example in there somewhere... I couldn't find it though...

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