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In my main.xml layout, I have an <FrameLayout> element which is the fragment placeholder:



I add Fragment programmatically to the above <FrameLayout> by:

fragmentTransaction.add(, fragment, null);

I can then use the replace() to change to other fragment:

fragmentTransaction.replace(, otherFragment, null);

At some point of my project, I need to get the current showing fragment, and disable everything on the view. I firstly successfully get the current showing fragment by :

Fragment currentFragment = fragmentManager.findFragmentById(; 

Then, how can I disable the view of the fragment ? On the view, there could be buttons, is it possible to disable the whole view? If it is not possible, how can I add an overlay on the view?

I tried:


But, it does not work, I can still click on buttons on the view.

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As per @Georgy's comment, here is a copy of the answer from Disable the touch events for all the views (credit to @peceps).

Here is a function for disabling all child views of some view group:

   * Enables/Disables all child views in a view group.
   * @param viewGroup the view group
   * @param enabled <code>true</code> to enable, <code>false</code> to disable
   * the views.
  public static void enableDisableViewGroup(ViewGroup viewGroup, boolean enabled) {
    int childCount = viewGroup.getChildCount();
    for (int i = 0; i < childCount; i++) {
      View view = viewGroup.getChildAt(i);
      if (view instanceof ViewGroup) {
        enableDisableViewGroup((ViewGroup) view, enabled);

You can call this passing in your Fragment's view as retrieved by Fragment.getView(). Assuming that your fragment's view is a ViewGroup.

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