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I am creating an AIR application which downloads file from a server. I am using URLstream object with complete, progress, IOError, security error and HTTP status events. I am not getting an event if the network is disconnected when the download is in progress. Please can anyone tell me which event is dispatched?

Thanks, Anahas

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You should get the IOError event in case the network gets disconnected. If you're not getting it, you either didn't add a listener for that event, or you added it on the wrong object, or there's a framework/Flash bug.

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There is also a separate set of events that AIR uses to communicate connectivity status. They can monitor services, servers or just "connectivity" ( do I have network ). Monitoring network connectivity

I agree with bug-a-lot though, at some point you should get an IOError but you might have to wait for a timeout to occur.

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is there way to change the time-out for IOError while loading using urlstream ? sometimes even though network is disconnected i dont get the event but its not very definitive.

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