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I'd like to check changes of my hydrated entity before the persist.

I've tryed to get a new entity into the onSuccess (after bindRequest) with DB values using a find, but this object have the hydrated values instead of DB values !

This is what i've tryed :

public function onSuccess(TachesDetails $detail) {
    $tache_new = $detail->getTache();
    $tache_old = $this->em->getRepository('NomDuBundle:Taches')->find($tache_new->getId());
    // ...

Var_dump of $tache_old give me hydrated values.


I've find the solution after hours.

To resolve this problem, you'll have to create a clone of your entity in the controller and send it trough formHandler parameters.

In the onSuccess function, you can access it like this :

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You should better answer your own question and then accept it instead of posting the solution inside your question. –  j0k Aug 2 '12 at 13:03

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First of all, you could use prePersist event for checking what changed. It's more suitable than onSuccess.

There's also more native way to check changes, using UnitOfWork object:

$unitOfWork = $entityManager->getUnitOfWork();
$changes = $unitOfWork->getEntityChangeSet($yourEntity);
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