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I am trying to begin writing a Java program in Xcode 4.4 but, At the moment, I am stuck with the file extension .cpp, which I believe is for C++. Can some please tell me how to set up a .java file (or project, or whatever the term is)...? I am extremely new to programming, and to Xcode, so please keep all instructions /very/ simple.

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it's doable but your better off with netbeans or similar – T I Aug 2 '12 at 10:44
Real programmers use notepad:P – Petar Minchev Aug 2 '12 at 10:45
+1. Especially, if you are new to java. You should go with plain editor+shell. – SkyDan Aug 2 '12 at 10:49
See the examples in /Developer/Examples/Java/. – trashgod Aug 2 '12 at 10:50
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I have created some Xcode Templates for Xcode 4 here

To install the template in Mac, use Terminal command

mkdir -p ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/Templates/
unzip ~/Downloads/ -d ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/Templates/

You can use command-B to build. To Run, you should use "Edit Scheme..." and change the Executable for the "Run" Scheme

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Thanks a lot. Great template! – Michael Dorner Mar 27 '13 at 11:18
Are a able to share the template on a site that doesn't require a registration? A github repo? – Paul Beusterien Feb 4 '14 at 2:42

If you're new to programming you might want to try this in a different way.

Better IDEs for Java are Netbeans and Eclipse. I've used Netbeans for Java and PHP as well. It behaves as you could expect from a modern IDE with a lot of possibilities for customizing it to your needs/preferences.

Xcode is great and has many useful tools but it's focused on objective-c and iOS environment.

Good luck!

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