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Pretty much as in the title, can't find much in the way of an answer to this anywhere. I need to create some pdfs using a template background that has live data injected to it through PHP. I need the final pdf that gets pushed to the user to be password encrypted, does EzPDF support this?

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Your title shows ExPDF and you are asking does EzPDF support this am not sure if any of them supports such but i would recommend you use TCPDF has PDF password protection and public key encryption



//Password Protection (SetProtection($permissions=array('print', 'copy'), $user_pass='', $owner_pass=null, $mode=0, $pubkeys=null);) 
$pdf->SetProtection(array('print', 'copy'), $user_pass, $owner_pass, $mode, null);

//Example With Public Keys 

$pdf->SetProtection(array('print', 'copy'), $user_pass, $owner_pass, $mode, array(array('c' => 'file://../tcpdf.crt', 'p' => array('print'))));
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cheers, will have a look at it. Have amended the title –  Steve Smith Aug 2 '12 at 12:58

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