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I have tried for hours to get my signals to work with django-paypal.

Here is my signals.py (which is imported in my urls.py):

from django.dispatch import receiver
from paypal.standard.ipn.signals import payment_was_successful, payment_was_flagged

def confirm_admin_payment(sender, **kwargs):
    print 'SUCCESS: %s' % sender.payer_email

def payment_flagged(sender, **kwargs):
    print "FLAGGED: %s" % sender.payer_email

print "signals.py has been imported"

When I use PayPal's IPN simulator, I know the transaction works because I can go into the database, look at the paypal_ipn table and see the transaction entered just fine, so the signals SHOULD be working.

I have also tried both dcramer's and johnboxall's versions of django-paypal, but still no joy.

I'm out of ideas, I've put hours into researching and trying to figure this thing out. Thanks in advance guys.

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I had some problems with signals and found this vid got me back on track: youtube.com/watch?v=qwp8k5GQoNU&feature=related –  Timbadu Sep 16 '12 at 23:09

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See for errors/warnings in payment transaction. Signal payment_was_successful fired only when there is no flags on transaction, even if flags wasn't critical at all (f.e. if your settings.PAYPAL_RECEIVER_EMAIL != transaction reciever email).

You may debug standard.ipn.models.PayPalIPN.send_signals method using pdb at start, is it fired at all? Don't be shine to modify third-party-code for debugging purposes.

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In the standard.ipn.models.send_signals I added a few print statements (one in the beginning of the function, the end, and then one for each if statement within payment_was_successful and payment_was_flagged). When testing with the ipn simulator, it prints the signals start, the payment_was_successful (or payment_was_flagged if invalid paypal_receiver_email), and then signals finished. However, my signals.py still never print their messages. –  mizx Aug 2 '12 at 16:58
After using pdb and doing some other testing, I can get it to work when my signals are placed in paypal.standard.ipn.views. Does my 'import symbols' supposed to be something different then? –  mizx Aug 2 '12 at 17:25

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