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I have a WPF Application developed for US and now I am planning to make it ready for the UK market. The problem that I face is that some of the UI Options(coded in XAML) in the US are not needed for the UK. So I need to hide them and show some other UI elements in its Place. Please note that I am also planning to make it ready for some other countries too.So what would be the best solution? Thanks

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Have you looked at this link Globalization for WPF. Especially the section: "Building Localizable Applications". I hope it will help you to achieve the goal

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I had a quick look at it.I dont think MSDN talks about showing or hiding ui elements specific to a country. They mainly focus on localizing/globalizing the text/string/image/color etc. isn't it? – user1571113 Aug 3 '12 at 5:37

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