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I've been searching the archives but I can't find anything that is making too much sense to me. I have a site with a couple of subdomains which redirect to other sites.

E.g. the visitor types - www.jmp.redtwenty.com.au - and is redirected to - http://creator.zoho.com/redtwenty/jmp-conversion-tracking

Is there any way to mask this redirect so that the visitor still sees jmp.redtwenty.com.au in the address bar?

I keep seeing mention of a rewrite rule in .htaccess but not sure if that is what I want.

Thanks Mike

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You can do this a few ways, but you'll need to make sure mod_proxy is enabled.

If you have control of the server config or the vhost config of the www.jmp.redtwenty.com.au/ domain, you can add this to it:

ProxyPass / http://creator.zoho.com/redtwenty/jmp-conversion-tracking/

Or in the htaccess file in the document root of http://www.jmp.redtwenty.com.au/:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://creator.zoho.com/redtwenty/jmp-conversion-tracking/$1 [L,P]
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