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i have a string

var traingIds = "${triningIdArray}";  // ${triningIdArray} this value getting from server 
alert(traingIds)  // alerts [1,2]
var type = typeof(traingIds ) 
alert(type)   // // alerts String

now i want to convert this to array so that i can iterate

i tried

var trainindIdArray = traingIds.split(',');
$.each(trainindIdArray, function(index, value) { 
    alert(index + ': ' + value);   // alerts 0:[1 ,  and  1:2]

how to resolve this?

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Assuming, as seems to be the case, ${triningIdArray} is a server-side placeholder that is replaced with JS array-literal syntax, just lose the quotes. So:

var traingIds = ${triningIdArray};


var traingIds = "${triningIdArray}";
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+1 for a good spot –  Joseph the Dreamer Aug 2 '12 at 11:15

Since array literal notation is still valid JSON, you can use JSON.parse() to convert that string into an array, and from there, use it's values.

var test = "[1,2]";
parsedTest = JSON.parse(test); //an array [1,2]

//access like and array
console.log(parsedTest[0]); //1
console.log(parsedTest[1]); //2
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that is good... i never knew that. thanks –  maverickosama92 Jun 19 at 8:41


var trainindIdArray = traingIds.split(',');


var trainindIdArray = traingIds.replace("[","").replace("]","").split(',');

That will basically remove [ and ] and then split the string

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check this out :)

var traingIds = "[1,2]";  // ${triningIdArray} this value getting from server 
alert(traingIds);  // alerts [1,2]
var type = typeof(traingIds);
alert(type);   // // alerts String

//remove square brackets
traingIds = traingIds.replace('[','');
traingIds = traingIds.replace(']','');
alert(traingIds);  // alerts 1,2        
var trainindIdArray = traingIds.split(',');

​for(i = 0; i< trainindIdArray.length; i++){
    alert(trainindIdArray[i]); //outputs individual numbers in array
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