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I want to transpose a matrix by different means, and I am not successful. I first tried this

import numpy as np

z = self.mat 

print len(z), len(z[0])
print   '  z  ' + str(z) + ' ztr  ' + str(np.transpose(z))

with self.mat a matrix (array of array, [[...],[...],...]).

Printed things in console does not correspond to what I expect: z and np.transpose(z) are the same.

I have tried with zip(*self.mat). This time, problem is that from 60*15 original matrix, I obtain a 15*69 transposed matrix.

could you think of a solution? thanks

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Please post a full (functional) example code and the complete output. –  Jakob S. Aug 2 '12 at 12:03

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I worked on this

I used the following to transpose matrix and keep the data structure type 'array of array' (not array of tuples):

 z = [list(x) for x  in zip(*z)]
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