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I have a simple question about variable type in php. I have two values in my array:

$row['DS'] // type :float (with one decimal like 12.2)
$row['TC'] // type :float (with one decimal like 24.2)

What I'm actually try to do in the make the calculation below:

$row['TC'] / $row['DS'] // $row['DS'] need to be as integer (without point,like 12)

and the result should be with two decimal like (2.32). I tried to do it in that way

$DSF = number_format($row['DS'],0);
$ConF = $row['TC'] / $DSF ;
echo number_format($conF,2); 

but it returns the wrong result. for example :

$row['DS'] = 59,009.3 ---> after change the format is change to 59,009
$row['TC'] = 190.0
$ConF = 190.0  /  59,009

it should be 000.223 (something around this number ) and i expect to get 0 (after i change the format using number_format($conF,2) but instead of this the program return me the number 3.22 What am I doing wrong?

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The function number_format() is used to format numbers to a comma style representation, not to actually round numbers to what you want.

The function you are looking for is round which returns a float to a specified number of decimal places.

For example:


This means that $yourVar will be the value of the division rounded to two decimal places.

You should use the number_format() function only to display human-friendly numbers at the end.

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You can use type casting to convert $row['DS'] to integer right in your calculations, for e.g.:

$row['TC'] / (int)$row['DS']


$row['TC'] / intval($row['DS'])

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