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I am trying to access perforce sitting on remote machine(I know its IP and port) using command line. I know p4v command is used to run perforce but it runs perforce GUI and not command line.

Why I want this because I want to run some commands(similar to sync) on remote host perforce. These command provides so many features which I can get in GUI.

I heard some p4 settings had to be done for this. I tried this link also but doesn't seem to work.

Can any one tell me how to access perforce for command line. I am looking for some step by step solution.

Thanks in advance.

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As far as I know this is not possible, i.e., you cannot run p4 client commands on a remote machine.

If you are using Windows, then try PsExec from the SysInternals Suite.

psexec \\REMOTE_MACHINE p4.exe [g-opts] sync \\depot\path\...

Set the global options [g-opts] to override the remote machine environment, e.g. client, p4 server, port etc.


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