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I executed this "Enhance Contrast..." command (in ImageJ: Process > Enhance Contrast...) with the following JAVA code:

IJ.run(imagePlus, "Enhance Contrast...", "");

But, I don't know how to execute some other commands e. g.: Process > Binary > Make Binary.

Finally, I would like to launch the plugin: Anisotropic Diffusion 2D. After dropping it to ImageJ it will be shown in: Plugins > Anisotropic Diffusion 2D.

How can I execute both commands in my JAVA-code?

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A useful tool for answering these questions is ImageJ's macro recorder. Open up Plugins > Macros > Record ... and change the "Record" option to Plugin. If you then try to run the menu option for "Make Binary", you will see the following in the macro recorder:

IJ.run(imp, "Make Binary", "");

You can do the same for "Anisotropic Diffusion 2D".

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Thanks for the tip. I tried it. First contrast and after binary. And it shows the following commands: .... IJ.run(imp, "Enhance Contrast...", "saturated=0.4"); IJ.run(imp, "Make Binary", ""); .... "Enhance Contrast..." is working but "Make Binary" just throws the unrecognized command message... in my compiled sourcecode ImageJ I can work with both commands with no problems. Any idea what the probleme could be??? –  haxenmaxen Aug 2 '12 at 12:43
PROBLEM SOLVED, I don't know how to connect the source code of ImageJ to my eclipse without this behavior. But including the ij.jar file it will work correctly as explained above. –  haxenmaxen Aug 4 '12 at 14:35

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