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There are many questions about this subject, but none has come to the correct answer.

In summary, what out-of-the-box library/SDK provides finished/usable code for Building an Android App that can View: doc,docx,xls,xlsx,ppt, pptx, and PDF?

  • Redirecting to Apache POI is not the answer, as it doesn't provide this functionality, only reading (some) these formats, display is required;
  • Redirecting to all kinds of apps in the appstore is not the answer: yes you can use intents to open the file formats in these apps, but thats not within our own app;
  • Redirecting to a transformation code is not the answer, as this is not possible within Android. (doc to html and then to PDF and use a PDF viewer? I only saw partial/buggy answers);
  • Using Google Docs or other cloud solutions to display is not possible, offline usage is required;

Isn't there a company that provides native libraries, or an open source project/app that is implementing this?

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I have been on the lookout for this as well. I have alow priority project that could be greatly enhanced if this were available. So far the best thing I could come up with is creating a PDF conversion service inside my environment with PHP/LibreOffice/Apache. Does your "offline" usage mean disconnected from all networks or limited to something like a corporate network? –  Jay Tomten Aug 2 '12 at 12:52
Correct, "offline" in the sense as no network connection (so on device display, not via webview like solutions). I have heard that libreoffice is coming to Android, first as a document viewer, maybe that's providing a reusable library? liliputing.com/2012/07/… –  Dennis Aug 2 '12 at 13:21
Any updates on this? –  Noman Arain Nov 14 '13 at 16:10
Did you get any solution on this? –  karthi Dec 2 '14 at 4:44
Hi Dennis, if u get the solution, pls share it.. –  Jomia Feb 3 at 6:27

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