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Is it possible to change the length of the TAB (\t) character (currently 8 characters) displayed in a XUL <textbox> element ?

Note that I want to avoid replacing TABs with spaces.

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Don't think it's possible without replacing tabs with spaces, interesting discussion of the general CSS case here:… – robertc Aug 1 '09 at 18:25
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The CSS 2.1 spec specifies tabs be rendered as the width of 8 spaces. (Spec) I don't see any mozilla specific CSS to override that value.

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Not an expert of XUL, but I would say no. From the docs

I see no property to set this, nor any setting in the firefox about:config.

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Also I would suspect that it's system specific. – lithorus Jul 29 '09 at 5:53

Dug through the source for this. It appears that this is hard coded to 8 characters within the layout engine itself.

Looks like tab replacement is the only option if tab-stop rendering is necessary :(

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as we speak, it is possible with -moz-tab-size, and in CSS3, it will (most likely) be possible with tab-size.

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