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I am trying to truncate my URL using regex for example if I have


I need to read the url till http://abcdef.defgh/klmno.jsp remaining i need to ignore.

If i use

Pattern p = Pattern.compile("href=\".*"); 

I am getting complete url kindly help me.

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How do you want to "truncate" your input? Is .jsp always the end of the part you are interested in? – user647772 Aug 2 '12 at 12:35
Tichodroma/ hmjd thanks for Your replay, actually i have a paragraph where i will be having a number of url i need to alter the urls for that i am using href in the pattern to identify the url, but when i say Pattern p = Pattern.compile("href=\".*"); it is reading entire paragraph, how can i avoid this using regex patterns. thanks. – suman Aug 2 '12 at 12:44

While Regex could certainly do what you ask, it would be more efficient to do like so:

String url = "http://abcdef.defgh/klmno.jsp/abdcefg";
String desired = url.subString( 0, url.lastIndexOf( '/' ) );
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String test = "href=\"http://abcdef.defgh/klmno.jsp/abdcefg\"";    

Matcher mtch = Pattern.compile("href=\"(http://.*\\.jsp).*\"").matcher(test);    

would print out:

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If you want to ignore everything after .jsp then you need:

String foo = "http://abcdef.defgh/klmno.jsp/abdcefg";
String bar = foo.replaceAll("\\.jsp.*", ".jsp");

That is, take .jsp (escape the period with \ otherwise it means "any character") and everything after .jsp (.*) and replace it with just .jsp.

Or, if you want to only capture stuff that's prefixed by href= then you could use:

String foo = "href=\"http://abcdef.defgh/klmno.jsp/abdcefg\"";
String bar = foo.replaceAll("(href=.*\\.jsp)[^\"]*\"", "$1");

That is, capture everything that starts with href=, up to .jsp (greedy match will ensure up to the final .jsp), and use it as a back reference ($1). Exclude everything after that last .jsp up to the final quote [^\"]*\".

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