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I am wondering, if it is possible, to have some kind of automatic code-clean-up in Visual Studio 2010.

Especially interesting would be:

  • Auto-Indent
  • Remove tailing empty lines
  • Remove unused usings

at special cases, e. g. on save of the file.

I haven't found anything in the options, but maybe I was just kinda blinded... ...afaik in eclipse it was at least possible to intend on save. There should be something like that in Visual Studio?

UPDATE: Thanks for the fast replies, the thing is that I am ware of the keyboard-shortcuts (but nevertheless thanks for mentioning), but I am working through tons of foreign code by now and it would be awesom not having to do it manually for every file :)

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Auto-indent can be done with Edit/Advanced/Format Document, or equivalent keyboard shortcut (Ctrl-K, Ctrl-D for me, YMMV).

Tailing empty lines I'm not aware of an automatic solution for, though there may be an extension available (or you could write your own).

Removing unused usings is a built in VS refactoring, and also available in tools like Resharper or DevExpress. (Right click code, then Organize Usings/Remove and sort.)

I'm not aware of a standard way to have these happen automatically for every document save, but you could probably write a macro or VS extension that would make this happen.

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Some of the above already exist directly in Visual Studio:

Ctrl - K - D will reformat the document (Edit -> Advanced -> Format Document).

There is a refactoring that deals with using statements (right click in the code, there is an option for "Organise Using").

As for empty lines, I don't know of anything built in.

But tools like Resharper do have code cleanup capabilities that deal with all of the above and more (Resharper menu -> Tools -> Cleanup Code).

None of the above will execute on save by default, but you should be able to write a macro that runs on the save event.

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To Auto-indent you can ue ctrl+k+d pretty much like ctrl+shift+f in eclipse. But for unused usings I dont know any.

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