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I need classic asp code of following code.

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ASP Server.MapPath doesn't support the resolution of "~/" at the start of URL as ASP.NET version does. Here is code I posted here last year:

Function UrlContent(sUrl) 
    If InStr(1, sUrl, "~/") = 1 Then 
        UrlContent = ApplicationPath & Mid(sUrl, 2) 
        UrlContent = sUrl 
    End If 
End Function 

Function ApplicationPath() 

    Dim pos: pos = Len(Request.ServerVariables("INSTANCE_META_PATH")) + 6 

    ApplicationPath = Mid(Request.ServerVariables("APPL_MD_PATH"), pos) 

End Function

The UriContent takes the passed in URL and resolves an "~/" to return a url relative to the host website. So an MapPath equivalent to ASP.NETs code is:

Dim physicalPath : physicalPath = Server.MapPath(UrlContent(virtualPath))

Getting the machine name is much harder since you need some access to the windows API. The server variable called "SERVER_NAME" is simply the host name used in the request so its not the same as the actually windows machine name.

Its moderately easy to create a .NET COM Interop dll that will allow script to access the Environment.

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