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I'm renovating a legacy Java Servlet webapp. I'm wondering there is a better way to do email. Right now the app has a giant class for it where most of the verbiage is about concatenating message text with data and the conditions for deciding to do so.

I'm using Spring-MVC is newer parts of the application. I did a quick Google on Spring and Email and it looks like Spring is mostly about abstracting the sending of email itself which I don't have a problem with. Am I correct?

What I would like is an API/system that will allow me to put message text for individual emails into text files and allow me to insert data into that text via variables. I would also like something that will make the collection of that data and the calculation of conditionals less unwieldy.

Lastly, the app only has about 6 different emails that it sends. I'm looking for system that is QUICK to learn. I don't need to conquer the email world, I would just like to clean up some messy legacy code.

Is there such a quick to learn email api?

Thanks much in advance for any info


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You can use Spring to compose email messages (see http://static.springsource.org/spring/docs/1.2.x/reference/mail.html), and you can use plain text files with tokens (maybe Apache-style, like ${foo.bar}) and read them in, replace the tokens in code, and set that text to your email message text. As others have suggested you can use a template engine to do that, or you can just use String.replaceAll().

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Looks like a small scale simple approach for my small scale problem and I like that it uses Spring, something Im already invested in. Thanks. –  Steve Aug 2 '12 at 13:53

Sounds like you want a templating system like Velocity or Freemarker.

From my experience of both I would suggest that Velocity is a little bit simpler, but Freemarker is more powerful. Perhaps you should abstract your choice out and substitute later as required.

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For message contents I think a template engine may work for you. Check out Google Soy or Freemarker.

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