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Got 3 Tables: pers, skills, articles (persons have n skills and wrote n articles)

(T1) pers

1  John
2  Joe

(T2) skills

1  John_sings    
1  John_laughs
2  Joe_runs

(T3) article

1  John_article_1
2  Joe_article_1
3  Joe_article_2

I expect:

John - John_laughs - John_article_1
John - John_sings  - [NULL]
Joe  - Joe_runs    - Joe_article_1
Joe  - [NULL]      - Joe_article_2

For we have 2 separate 1:n relations a consecutive join won't do it -> not T1 x T2 x T3, rather (T1 x T2) x (T1 x T3) according to this question.

I've tried:

   FROM pers
   LEFT JOIN skills ON = skills.pers_id) child1
   FROM pers
   LEFT JOIN article ON = article.pers_id) child2 ON =

but this shows

John - John_laughs - John_article_1
John - John_sings  - John_article_1
Joe  - Joe_runs    - Joe_article_1
Joe  - Joe_runs    - Joe_article_2

Obviously, I don't want "Joe_runs" two times, neither "John_article_1" two times.

Appreciate any suggestion!

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use group by ID – jcho360 Aug 2 '12 at 13:33
jcho360 - thanks, you mean group by the IDs of article / skills ? Unfortunately it eats away either an article or a skill... (tried it both within the nested SELECTs and at the end, for the whole query) – user1571271 Aug 2 '12 at 14:18
Did you solved it?, if not, can you put some information in to allow us make some tests? – jcho360 Aug 6 '12 at 12:26
Sure:!2/8ea2c/4/0 Solved it not by means of an sql query, but via PHP. Still interested in a sql-solution, though :-) – user1571271 Aug 8 '12 at 14:38

Assign a row number to each article per person and each skill per person.

So now your data will be like

T1) pers
PId Name
1   John

2   Joe

(T2) skills
PId Skill      Rank

1   John_sings   1

1   John_laughs  2

2   Joe_runs     1

(T3) article
PId Article        Rank
1   John_article_1 1
2   Joe_article_1  1 
2   Joe_article_2  2

Now Full Outer Join Skills and Article on Pid and Rank, it should give you

PID   Skill       Article
1     John_Sings  john_Article_1
1     John_Laughs Null
2     Joe_runs    Joe_article_1
2     Null        Joe_Article_2

Now join this with person to get the desired results.

This SO question explains how to assign ranks/rownumber in a select. MySql - Get row number on select

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The result you want is a typical LEFT JOIN. You should do:

LEFT JOIN T3 on (;

This is compatible with 2 separate 1:n relations, note that this joins T1-T2 and T1-T3

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golimar: i am afraid, but it provides the old duplicates, thanks though. – user1571271 Aug 3 '12 at 7:28

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