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I'm using DjangoCMS 2.3 and build all the pages in a tree structure beginning from the Index page. Right now all urls looks like this /en/index/<page_url>. How can I make cms ommit the /index/ part and be just /en/<page_url>?

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You don't have to put the other pages bellow the home page. So instead of:

|-index (home page)
 |- page 1
  |- page 1.1
 |- page 2

you can do this:

|- index (home page)
|- page 1
 |- page 1.1
|- page 2

The first page in the tree is implicitly declared as the home page and marked with an icon in the page tree:

enter image description here

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I did the way you've suggested, cheers – and3p Aug 4 '12 at 17:26

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