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From what I can tell even if a view is indexing stale=ok will return results. My question is, what does it do whilst a view is checkpointing?

If a view is being indexed and still checkpointing does stale=ok return the view as it was before any checkpointing started or does it return the view as it is at the last checkpoint during the current index build?

I guess what I am wondering is, can I use stale=ok to guarantee that a view is consistent (i.e. fully built), so there would be another process calling the view normally to get the index updated, but the UI will use stale=ok and always have a fully built index (even if sometimes out of date for a short while).

Hope that made sense.

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In CouchDB, transactions are limited to single document updates. Being ACID compliant, query results are always consistent.

Martin Brown wrote some tips to handle view updates.

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This answer doesn't discuss stale views or checkpointing at all! –  mehaase Sep 24 '12 at 0:59

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