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I use orgmode to capture meetings minutes and I do HTML exports afterwards to publish them on our team's website.

I would like to set some export options automatically. But the defaults created by org-insert-export-options-template do not suit my needs, I would like to tweek them and I could not find the right way to do this in the documentation. I understand this should be easy so I'm puzzled to be stuck by this issue.

Can someone help me out ?


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There are many things you can customize for HTML export:

  • HTML preamble and postamble
  • Style (CSS)
  • You can customize the defaults so you don't need to add an options template (org-customize - Export - Export General)
  • XML declaration (org-customize - Export - HTML)
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Yes, org-customize -> Export -> Export General is what I needed. I'll digg more inside org-customize, thanks –  skizo Aug 6 '12 at 9:47

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