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Hi Everyone I'm trying to display datas stored on xml file in a specific order. First I started to display 2 RichtextField then I'll display all nodes. But no thing displayed on screen. here my code.

class MyScreen extends MainScreen{
    String _node,_element;
    private static String _xmlFileName = "/xml/annuaire.xml";
    private RichTextField texte;
    private BitmapField imag;
    VerticalFieldManager vfm;
    HorizontalFieldManager hfm;
    public MyScreen() {
        vfm = new VerticalFieldManager(Manager.VERTICAL_SCROLL|Manager.VERTICAL_SCROLLBAR)
            public void paint(Graphics graphics)
            protected void sublayout( int maxWidth, int maxHeight )
                int width = Display.getWidth();
                int height = Display.getHeight();
                super.sublayout( width, height);
                setExtent( width, height);
        hfm = new HorizontalFieldManager() {
            protected void sublayout(int maxWidth, int maxHeight) {
                int w = maxWidth;
                int h = 0;
                Field f0, f1;
                if (getFieldCount() == 2) {
                    f0 = getField(0);
                    f1 = getField(1);
                    layoutChild(f0, maxWidth / 2, maxHeight);
                    layoutChild(f1, maxWidth / 2, maxHeight);
                    h = Math.max(f0.getHeight(), f1.getHeight());
                    setPositionChild(f0, (maxWidth/2 - f0.getWidth()) / 2, (h - f0.getHeight()) / 2);
                    setPositionChild(f1, maxWidth/2 + (maxWidth/2 - f1.getWidth()) / 2, (h - f1.getHeight()) / 2);
                setExtent(w, h);
        setTitle("XML Parsing");
        //setting title
        add(new RichTextField("Requesting....."));
        add(new SeparatorField());
            DocumentBuilderFactory factory = DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance();
            DocumentBuilder builder = factory.newDocumentBuilder();
            InputStream inputStream = getClass().getResourceAsStream( _xmlFileName );
            Document document = builder.parse( inputStream );
            Element rootElement = document.getDocumentElement();
            NodeList list=document.getElementsByTagName("*");
            _node=new String();
            _element = new String();
            for (int i=0; i < list.getLength(); i++){
                Node value=list.item(i).getChildNodes().item(0);
                hfm.add(new RichTextField(_element));
        catch (Exception e){

Could you please guide me to correct my mistake. Thank you

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Please step through your code in a debugger, and tell us whether or not the code executes this line: hfm.add(new RichTextField(_element));. We need to narrow down whether this is a UI problem, or an XML parsing problem. Thanks! –  Nate Aug 3 '12 at 3:12
@Nate no it's a UI problem, when I use just 'add(new RichedTest Field(_element)' it works and dispalys all nodes. Now I want to diplay image and texte inline(as a richList) so I'm trying step by step. –  unknown Aug 3 '12 at 10:07

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