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For -

Config rfqObj = new Gson().fromJson(data, new TypeToken<Config>() {}.getType());

I'm getting the following exception -

The JsonDeserializer main.java.com.google.gson.DefaultTypeAdapters$CollectionTypeAdapter@30de3c87 failed to deserialized json object {} given the type main.java.com.google.gson.ParameterizedTypeImpl@7c3d0336] with root cause java.lang.IllegalStateException: This is not a JSON Array.

JSON data is -

  "quantities": {
    "142": "0",
    "143": "20",
    "144": "25"
  "characteristics": {},
  "details": {
    "8": "HT Test Report",
    "9": "Others",
    "13": "nTest"
  "materials": {},
  "additionalProcesses": {},
  "suppliers": {}

And here is the POJO -

public class Config {
Map<Long, String> quantities = new HashMap<Long, String>();
Map<Long, String> characteristics = new HashMap<Long, String>();    
Map<Long, String> details = new HashMap<Long, String>();
Map<Long, String> materials = new HashMap<Long, String>();
Map<Long, String> additionalProcesses = new HashMap<Long, String>();

public Set<Suppliers> suppliers = new HashSet();

//this is for the nested class
public static class Suppliers {
    // defining attributes of this class
    public Long id;
    public String name;
    public Long contactId;
    public String contactInfo;
    public String contactMethod;
    public String contactName;
    public String message;
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Do you know which of the components is causing the trouble? Is it the suppliers field, which is a set? It would appear that sets would serialize into arrays instead of objects. –  Ray Toal Aug 2 '12 at 14:14
It is suppliers. so how do I get it to serialize into objects? –  wichita Aug 5 '12 at 1:50
You have a set of suppliers, so when you serialize this set you would get [] for the empty set, not {}. If you had two suppliers you would see [{...},{...}]. –  Ray Toal Aug 5 '12 at 3:01

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The reason you are getting the error is that your JSON text is an object with the following property:

"suppliers": {}

But because your Config object wants the property suppliers to be a set; Gson is expecting a JSON array, not a JSON object.

If you can somehow get your JSON text to include

"suppliers": []

you should be able to deserialize this into a Java set.

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