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I'm trying to schedule automated coded UI tests.

I have created a test plan and associated it with a test case which is associated with an ordered test list. I know how to run tests, but is it possible to schedule the running of tests (e.g. on a daily basis using the latest available build).

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We have a simular solution to our automated tests. (but not using the Microsoft Test Manager for sceduling) Each build we are running the automated tests. It's a small program that has a FileSystemWatcher that are checking a file that changes everytime a build is succeded. When the buld is completed, it downloads the new files and then starts MSTest with parameters.

If you have a orderedtest list you can always make a cmd / bat file to run MSTest with som parameters, and then scedule it using Task Sceduler in Windows :

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Already doing this - but the problem with this approach is that I want to test on remote environments. To do this with coded UI tests, I need to maintain active connections via Remote Desktop. I've been told I don't need to do this when running tests via Microsoft Test Manager. – Ciaran Gallagher Aug 2 '12 at 14:36
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Test cases or test plans can be run from command line using Tcm. A Powershell or DOS script could then be scheduled via Windows Task Scheduler to run these commands.

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You can also edit a build definition to only run the tests, and schedule a daily build at the desired time

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you can run them in TFS inside your build definitions , like build deploy test

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