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i have an internal developer tool that i've pushed to heroku that is basically a form entry app that feeds the inputted data to a shell script to set up a remote server environment. one thing i'd like to do is add the generated code to a git repo at the end. however, i'm not sure if i can securely get an ssh key onto the heroku dyno.

as far as i can tell i could stick an ssh key in a buildpack and have it copied to /app/.ssh pretty easily but this means putting the ssh key on github in a forked (public) repo. is there any good way to handle this or is heroku just not meant for this use case?

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Possible duplicate of Installing private ssh deploy keys on Heroku – Aidan Feb 21 at 11:10
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i realized i think i can put the ssh key in the git repo that's pushed to heroku. worst case i can specify a an /app/.ssh/config file in a custom buildpack that points to an identityFile. not sure why it took me so long to realize this.

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