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Basically i converted this crystal report formula "if ucas({?Trade Buy or Sell}) = "Trade Buy" then "IOSW_BUY_01" else if ucase({?Trade Buy or Sell})="Trade Sell" then IOSW_SELL_02."

to SSRS -IIF(Fields!TradeBuyorSell.Value="Trade Buy","IOSW_BUY_01", IIF(Fields!TradeBuyorSell.Value="Trade Sell","IOSW_SELL_02")) but I am getting the below error message


[rsCompilerErrorInExpression]The value expression for the textrun 'TradeBuyorSell.Paragraphs[0].TextRuns[0] contains an error :[BC30455]Argument not specified for parameter 'FalsePart'of Public Function IIF(Expression As Boolean, TruePart As Object, FalsePart As Object) As Object' Please assist this is very urgent

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The reason you have this error is that the Crysal report formula is not well written. In Crystal you can have formula like "if condition then truepart", the fasle part can be left out. Crystal will automatically handle the default. But in SSRS, it is more strict, IIF cannot omit the false part.

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