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I want to know how I can extract the information from the phone (SMS Log, Outgoing call, incoming call, minutes and talk about all the stuff related to the system of SMS and call.

And how I can make two-dimensional graphs (curve ....).

I just want to know what I should start.

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There's no magic answer here, you need to go through the APIs on the Android Developers site and figure out what parts fo the framework give you access to that information (as well as what permissions your app needs to declare in order to use those APIs). Usually for things like contacts, call logs, etc, there is a Content Provider on the device that you query for a set of results. Again, the documentation (and Google) is your friend.

As for making graphs and charts, Android has 2D graphics with Canvas and Paint similar to Java AWT/Swing, so you could always roll your own. Alternatviely, you can use a third-party library like achartengine.

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thank you for your reply I want to know how I can get the phone call log consernant the number of minutes called a contact pricis the number of missed calls –  Ryodo Aug 15 '12 at 14:09

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