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I'm trying to place a checkbox inside dijit.Tree by entering input html code as part of label value. And it displays ok but I can't check or uncheck it. As if click events are not bubbling/reaching input element.

Here is how I create my tree object.

myTree = new dijit.Tree({
    model: myModel,
    showRoot: false,            
    getLabel: function(item) {
        if (!item.root)
            return '<input type="checkbox" name="'+ item.name +'" id="'+ item.name +'" value="1" /> '+ item.name;

}, "gridDiv");

How can I fix this ?

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right now 2 choices come to my mind:

  1. Use the new dojo's dgrid if you can. With this new grid you can use the Editor module and pass "checkbox" as a parameter and it would render a checkbox in your column. Check it out here. Then you can download it here and when you do, check out the "test" folder where you will find an example of what you want in "dgrid/test/tree.html".
  2. in your current grid, edit your return statement for getLabel method and make it return a dojo style markup like <div data-dojo-type="dijit.form.CheckBox" ... ></div> and then after the tree's startup event do a dojo.parser.parse(tree.domNode). This will parse only your grid's DOM node and will convert any dojo style markup into actual dojo objects.

I personally recommend, if you can, the first choice.


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I'd go with cbtree if I have check boxes in the tree. check here

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