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The program is a FORTAN number-crunching code :: "C:\fct1d_intel_2\debug\fct1d_intel_2.exe" This is called using the batch file "RUN.bat":


The following batch file "run_generator_3procs_1to3.bat" kicks-off the 3 parallel programs in separate directories:

CD C:\FCT_Polystyrene_Model_Calibration\Proc_01
start /min run.bat
CD C:\FCT_Polystyrene_Model_Calibration\Proc_02
start /min run.bat
CD C:\FCT_Polystyrene_Model_Calibration\Proc_03
start /min run.bat

The following batch file "run_12_cases_4X3.bat" calls 4 sequential versions of of the preceding batchfile:

call run_generator_3procs_7to9.bat
call run_generator_3procs_10to12.bat
call run_generator_3procs_1to3.bat
call run_generator_3procs_4to6.bat

Now the first call "run_generator_3procs_7to9.bat" runs the 3 parallel programs fine but does not move on to the next 3 batch files.

Could anyone please advise me on what I am doing wrong.

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Are you sure run_generator_3procs_7to9.bat has precisely the same structure of the run_generator_3procs_1to3.bat you posted? I did a quick run with an similar setup and couldn't reproduce your problem. When I added an EXIT at the end of run_generator_3procs_7to9.bat, I got the behaviour you described. –  zb226 Aug 10 '12 at 14:29

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Check that you are not trying to access files at the same time with different batch files. It might be executing, but just closing as they fail to run.

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