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I am looking for a way to vectorize a combined matrix multiplication and element-wise addition.

Let's say I have a matrix function M_{ij}(x), and a vector function v_j(x), where {i,j} are matrix indices, and x is a position variable. I want to perform an element-wise matrix multiplication and find u(x) = M(x).v(x). A straightforward example is:

imax = 2; jmax = 3; xmax = 10;


for i=1:imax
    for j=1:jmax
        u(i,:) = u(i,:) + squeeze(M(i,j,:))'.*v(j,:);

Is there a vectorized way to speed up this operation? In my problem we will assume that imax,jmax are <5, and that xmax is large.

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 u=squeeze(sum(bsxfun(@times,permute(M, [2 3 1]), v)))';
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That works, and can give up to a 10x speedup! Thanks! – user1571750 Aug 3 '12 at 14:55

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