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I am making a describeCacheClusters request as follows and get a valid response but the getCacheClusters() method returns null even though that cluster has available nodes. Is there another request I should be using or a missing parameter?

DescribeCacheClustersResult result = awsClient
        .describeCacheClusters(new DescribeCacheClustersRequest()
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You can generate hostname as it always has the format where 0001 is the number of the node. – Usman Ismail Aug 2 '12 at 15:38
possible duplicate of Finding AWS ElastiCache endpoints with Java – Steffen Opel Aug 2 '12 at 22:28
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You are missing a parameter indeed due to a somewhat confusing API design resp. documentation issue with Amazon ElastiCache:

You need to add setShowCacheNodeInfo() to your DescribeCacheClustersRequest and call getCacheNodes() for each CacheCluster retrieved via getCacheClusters() from the DescribeCacheClustersResult - see my answer to the semantic duplicate Finding AWS ElastiCache endpoints with Java for details and code samples.

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