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I'm using PHP's "simplexml_load_file" to get some data from Flickr.

My goal is to get the photo url.

I'm able to get the following value (assigned to PHP variable):

<p><a href="">codewrecker</a> posted a photo:</p>

<p><a href="" title="Santa Monica Pier"><img src="" width="180" height="240" alt="Santa Monica Pier" /></a></p>

How can I extract just this part of it?

Just in case it helps, here's the code I'm working with:

$xml = simplexml_load_file("");
foreach($xml->entry as $child) {
    $flickr_content = $child->content; // gets html including img url
    // how can I get the img url from "$flickr_content"???
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You can probably get away with using a regular expression for this, assuming that the way the HTML is formed is pretty much going to stay the same, e.g.:

if (preg_match('/<img src="([^"]+)"/i', $string, $matches)) {
    $imageUrl = $matches[1];   

This is fairly un-robust, and if the HTML is going to change (e.g. the order of parameters in the <img> tag, risk of malformed HTML etc.), you would be better off using an HTML parser.

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It's not solving your problem(and probably total overkill), but worth mentioning because I've used the library on 2 projects and it's well written.

phpFlickr -

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Easy way: Combination of substr and strpos to extract first the tag and then the src='...' value, and finally the target string.

Slightly more difficult way (BUT MUCH MORE ROBUST): Use an XML parsing library such as simpleXML

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I hope this is helpful. I enjoy using xpath to cut through the XML I get back from SimpleXML:

$xml = new SimpleXMLElement("", NULL, True);
$images = $xml->xpath('//img');  //use xpath on the XML to find the img tags

foreach($images as $image){  
    echo $image['src'] ;  //here is the image URL
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