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I need to check if a user did in fact retweeted a tweet I asked him to. The user already has connected his twitter account with my application.

To check whether or not a user has retweeted I'm using the api call{id}/retweeted_by.json, which returns the first 100 users that retweeted the tweet with id {id}.

The problem is that I have to go through the 100 users, and the given user might not even be in the results, so I have to call the api again to get the next 100 users. This is costly and I want to know if there is an api call that can answer me this question, in a single call, with a single result.


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Try checking the user's feed for the retweet.

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Ok but it could not be marked as a classic retweet in the user's feed. Imagine that the tweet is "blablabla". Some tweeps could retweet is with a classic simple tweet looking like "RT @ignacio: blablabla" (without retweet field) or ""blablabla" (via @ignacio)" (assuming @ignacio is the sender of the tweet). – air-dex Aug 2 '12 at 23:27
The "blablabla" portion should be the same for both though. Twitter's interface doesn't allow modification of the retweeted content as far as I can tell. You should be able to string search within the tweet to compare the two. – jsleuth Aug 22 '12 at 19:57

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