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I'm using getattr to call different functions depending on a variable.

Im doing something like that:

getattr(foo, bar) ()

That works, calling functions like foo.bar()

My problem is that I have 'bar' functions and I want to call it with different parameters. For example:

def f1() :

def f2(param1) :

def f3(param1,param2) :

so 'bar' could be f1, f2, or f3

I tried this: assumming that params is a list which contains all parameters needed for the 'bar' function

getattr(foo, bar) (for p in params :)

I watching for a "clean" solution, with no needed to watch the length on the params variable

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You could try something like:


This works if params is a list or a tuple. The elements from params will be unpacked in order:


is equivalent to:

foo(params[0], params[1])

If there are keyword arguments, you can do that too.


where keyword_params is a dictionary.

Also, This answer is really independent of getattr. It will work for any function/method.

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I know OP didn't ask specifically, but I'd add **kwargs too, just so he doesn't end up with hard to track down bugs later on should he attempt to use keyword arguments. –  Silas Ray Aug 2 '12 at 15:56
@sr2222 -- Added. –  mgilson Aug 2 '12 at 16:00

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