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I have added a tooltip (shown below) to the track in the slider template, but rather than binding to the current value of the slider, I would like to bind to the value corresponding to the "track value" the mouse is over. Similar to what the youtube video slider allows. So the user can mouseover the track and also see the corresponding value, without having to actually move the thumb.

<Track Grid.Row="1" Name="PART_Track" ToolTip="{Binding Path=Value}" ToolTipService.Placement="Mouse">

Any ideas? Thanks!

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I'd imagine you're going to have to create a new control, inheriting from the slider. You'd need to implement mousein/out and mousemove, calculate the value based on mouse offset and change the tooltip.

I don't think there's any property you can use "out of the box" so the calculation may be rather tricky if you need to factor in reskinning of margins etc.

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Yup cant figure out any other way of doing it. Thanks –  Sharun Jul 25 '09 at 12:32

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