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I am writing my own LLVM pass, which modifies the LLVM bitcode. While generating the bitcode, I want to disable inlining of functions, but when I am done with modifiying the bitcode, I want to call the pass which performs inlining of functions. Can this be done. If yes, how?

To better understand, what I am saying, look at the following code.

bool MyBitCodeModifier::runOnModule(Module &M)
   // Here is the code of my pass which modifies bitcode
   // I need to call inline pass here
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can you not call inline-pass from the place where your function MyBitCodeModifier::runOnModule returns. –  A. K. Aug 4 '12 at 18:39

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For inlining you don't need to call the pass. Use InlineFunction instead. You can find definition in include/llvm/Transforms/Utils/Cloning.h.

But if you insist on calling of inlining pass after yours, you can modify PassManager to run passes in order you want.

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