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After installing CaptchaMVC I navigated to the page where I want to test the functionality - ~/about.

For the image localhost:51860/DefaultCaptcha/Generate?t=6d9ab0cefbb8496582b1db592eff66f, I see a broken link.

I added routes.IgnoreRoute("DefaultCaptcha/{*pathInfo}"); and also tried routes.IgnoreRoute("DefaultCaptcha/Generate"); to the top of my routes, but the image still does not appear, and navigating to the image url returns with a 404 not found error.

When I remove all my routes from Global.asax, this works fine.

The issue I think is that this pattern matches this route:

routes.MapRoute(name: "WholeCountryCategoryResults1", url: "{categoryName}/{searchTerm}/", defaults: new { controller = "Results", action = "SearchWholeCountryCategory" });

The rest of the routes shouldn't matter, as the rules are executed in order, so what's the issue here?


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For those that may experience the same issue, simply setup a route to the captcha provider's controller and action:

routes.MapRoute(name: "DefaultCaptchaRoute", url: "DefaultCaptcha/Generate", defaults: new { controller = "DefaultCaptcha", action = "Generate" });
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Thanks, this worked for MVC4 as well –  Eric Herlitz Apr 18 '13 at 8:21

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