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so I need to copy the file /home/servers/template/craftbukkit.jar into every folder inside of /home/servers, Ex. /home/servers/server1, /home/servers/server2, etc.

But I only want to do it if /home/servers/whateverserveritiscurrentlyon/mods does not exsist. This is what I came up with and was wondering if it will work:

echo " Script to copy a file to all server directories, only if mods does not exist in that directory"

for i in /home/servers/*/; do
    if [ ! -d "$i/mods" ]; then
    cp -f /home/servers/template/craftbukkit.jar "$i"

echo " completed script ..."
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Looks like it should work. To non-destructively test, change the cp -f ... line to say echo cp -f ... and review the output.

It could also be somewhat shortened, but it wouldn't affect efficiency much:

for i in /home/servers/*/
  [[ -d "${i}/mods" ]] || cp -f /home/servers/template/craftbukkit.jar "${i}/."
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