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I use NerdTree Plugin and have set cursorcolumn in my vimrc file, but I don't want a column highlight in the NerdTreePlugin window, How can I do that?

Also, I do not want signs column show in the nerdtree window, how can I do that?

Much more common question, how to set or disable a specific option for a specific plugin window, e.g. NerdTree or Tagbar?

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If you want cursorcolumn in all buffers except for a few, use an autocmd in your vimrc to disable it for specific buffers, using setlocal.

For instance:

autocmd FileType nerdtree setlocal nocursorcolumn
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Tagbar plugin handles these situations pretty well, Is there a way to tell a plugin window to not affect by any other options in vimrc? Eg, cursorline, cursorcolumn, colorcolumn and signcolumn, etc. –  Techlive Zheng Aug 2 '12 at 16:56

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