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My code compiles fine in Eclipse, but when I try to compile from the commandline (via our ruby-based buildr system), I get this error message:

static import only from classes and interfaces

Suggesting that static import of public static fields is not permitted. What should I look for to help diagnose this problem? How can I fix it?

Update: per @Ted's request, the constant declaration in the referenced file:

public static final String NULL = "<NULL>";

and the (bowdlerized) reference in the referring file:

import static my.path.MyClass.NULL;
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Please post the code that generates this message -- both the import statement and the field(s) being imported. – Ted Hopp Aug 2 '12 at 16:47

My guess is that Eclipse and buildr are using either different Java compiler versions or different compiler flags. There's a bug in the Java 7 compiler (bug ID: 715906) that generates this error when you statically import specific fields. The work-around is to use a wildcard static import. So instead of:

import static package.Class.staticField;

do this:

import static package.Class.*;
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Late answer but I just got a similar issue and figured it out. I'll post in case it helps anyone else who finds this page...

I got a similar error when, after a big merge and refactor, I accidentally put a test class into src/main/java instead of src/test/java. Since the JUnit dependency was scope=tests, it didn't work in pure maven. Maybe you are having the same issue

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